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Never happier when she’s at a farm shop #asian #mum

Crank the table to the right height #design #table #crank

Happy fathers day geezers

A Japanese, Chinese and Indian walk into a cafe….

Happy birthday to @vixrodwell. You are my best fri nd abd I love you so much. I’m so glad your in my life and let’s get messy xx


Mies van der Rohe’s design for the Barcelona Pavilion became an icon for its simplistic structure combined with exotic materials—like marbleized onyx. The veneer was a bold statement in materiality that made Mies’ famous pavilion stand out from other concrete-clad buildings of the nascent modernist movement, and has provided inspiration for Wiel Arets Architects’ recently completed Allianz Headquarters in Zürich. Read more

No lie I have the coolest dad in the world


Kawaii animal donuts in Koenji now!

Kawaiiiiiii ne?!?!?!

Second #twopointperspective #interiordesignstudent



Imke Ligthart

(via anabstract)


It’s official! Socks and sandals are now on trend if hermes says so #AW14 #PFW 


We bet we’ll be seeing ladygaga in these bad boys from Iris Van Herpen #AW14 #PFW

Loveeee them!

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